Friday, March 04, 2005

Taking my math test

A key Experience- Last week I completed a challenging math assignment in my math104 class

Reflective Observation- When completing the assisgnment I was able to use a notes to help me out with the problems. From looking back, I can see that I did a great job with taking down notes in class because I was able to undrstand most of the problems on the test.

Conclusions/Generalizations- I conclude that taking notes is the best thing ever developed. Even if you do not understand a problem, by writing down some type of information will help you understand. I was able to pass that math test, and as of now I have a "B" in the class.

Actions- I plan on taking more great notes to pass this math class successfully.

Friday, October 08, 2004

NSF Journal

A key Experience- Yesterday I took a challenging psycology exam.

Reflective Observation- I felt a little confused a little bit because it was a multiple choice test and it gets very difficult when 2 answers sounds to be both logical answers.

Conclusions/Generalizations- I have a little difficulty with multiple choice test, but I did take my time and I went over the exam plenty enough times.

Actions- I can improve my test taking skills by first relaxing, and eating a nutritious breakfast in the morning.